Canary Islands

Yiyolo stratto

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Yiyolo Stratto is a show for all audiences, a fusion of circus arts with the wild humour of the comedian Yiyo Ramirez, a unique opportunity to burst out laughing and enjoy a show that has been in national and international festivals since 2015.

Yiyo Ramirez is a polifacetic actor with an extensive professional career in the world of comedy, combined with his circus arts knowledge, makes him into a well-rounded artist.  


In his show Yiyolo Stratto, kids have fun and the adults forget that they are adults during forty-five minutes.


 The audience form an active part in each and every one of Yiyolo Stratto performances, making all shows exclusive and unrepeatable. 

The artist Yiyo Ramirez, is also in charge of the FIC circus workshops, remarkable for his improvisation and comical skills.

Saturday , October 9th. 19.00. CIFP César Manrique. Ofra, Tenerife.

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