Canary Islands



Nyet is an adventure, a creation with a curious spirit that intends to discover and overstep the limits of both disciplines: dance and clown art.

The vulnerability of a dancer who has never danced, is expressed in the language of a clown that allows herself to play at being a dancer.  It’s a liberation of a dream that occured at the wrong time, a forgotten goal, uncovering a wound from the past, told with the honest vulnerability as that of a naked body.  

Nyet is a tribute to each and every time that bodies seem to dance while they are simply walking.  Nyet is the acceptance of what we will never become, permitting ourselves to become that today.

Tartaleta began her professional career in 2015, after finishing her dramatic art studies at Escuela de Actores de Canarias.  Over the years Tartaleta has performed on many stages and in many streets.

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Saturday, October 9th 20.00. Espacio La Granja. Santa Cruz de Tenerife.