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Magicians for a night + Lucchettino Classic

Magos por un día

The show is about to begin.  The magician’s hat and suitcase are on the stage.  The audience is arriving, even the magician’s assistants are there, maybe they’re the magician’s assistants or maybe just two ushers.  In other words, everything is there, except for the magician himself.

This could, definitely, be a huge problem, fortunately for us, the two ushers are Luca and Tino, who are going to replace the magician who isn’t there.

Everything seems to go wrong from the beginning, when Luca’s microphone starts to fail, Tino even turns an audience member’s shoe into a microphone.  There’s no way to get the magician’s things working for a magic trick and the actual magic seems to turn against the two unfortunate stars of the show. 

Will our heroes be successful?  Of course not.  Simply because Luca and Tino aren’t heroes but clowns.  As the best clowns can only do, they turn their failures into an incredible show. 

Lucchettino, Italian duet, directed by the famous actor and director Paolo Nani, returns to the stage with the show Magos por una noche, a show which aims to combine different styles and to cross borders.  Artistic comedy meets visual comedy in this show.  Lucchettino won the Mandrake d’Or in 2016, The Oscars of magic in Paris.

Saturday, October 9th 20.30. Teatro Leal. La Laguna, Tenerife

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Lucchettino Classic

Luca and Tino are surrealistic comedians, timeless clowns and magicians that have the power to bring us back to childlike innocence with their smiles and jokes.

In their show, Lucchettino Classic they are senseless jugglers, skilled in the absurde and at the same time, resulting from their gags, cruel children.  They are between the last few survivors of the great comic tradition “commedia dell’arte”, using a refreshed approach.


Sunday, October 10th 19.00. Plaza CC Salytien. Las Américas, Tenerife

Tuesday, October 12th 19.00.Plaza de España. Adeje, Tenerife

Friday, October 15th. 19.00. La Recova. Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Saturday, October 16th. Parque Tecnológico Las Mantecas. La Laguna

Sunday, October 17th 19.00. La Recova. Santa Cruz de Tenerife