Les Pedettes Varietés



I want to be

 The classic clown but in a female version and also multiple.  Suitable for all audiences.

Three clowns in a frenetic show, where each one can be whatever they choose to be.  Les Pedettes Varietés appeared in 2019 and are considered to be a young troop.  In fact, they consider themselves young, just like the good showgirls.  Indeed this company has an extensive professional background that has enabled the creation of a new method.

Formed by Vikiusua (Victoria Alcaraz), Kras Pataklan (Cristina Casadevall) and Tita Reme (Laura Rodriguez), who have known each other for many years both on and off the stage.  All three were part of the bygone Folkloricas Anonimas, their first show together, emerged, matured and died in the Sala Almazen.  As a result of this relationship they created together different gags that have been performed all over the world.

United they formed a team that has collaborated every single year, with the Festival Internacional de Pallasses del Cric Cric, by performing and also by organizing logistics and coordinating some of the acts.  They are presenters and in charge of the Cabaret Golfo, it offers a place for all artists that present daring proposals.  It may seem unthinkable but each of them has a personal, non-transferable story.

Saturday, October 16th 18.00. Parque Tec. de Las Mantecas. La Laguna.

Sunday, October 17tth 12.00. La Recova. Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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