Lannutti & Corbo



All 'Incirco Varietà

ALL´INCIRCO Varietà is an explosion of humour, magic, acrobatics, poetry and madness.  A show that combines circus-theatre, visual comedy, magic and humour.

Lannutti and Corbo bring life to a surreal-popular variety, full of extravagant and absurd characters: a chatterbox , a maid, Saverio the object of desire, an acrobat that wants to live in an upside-down world, a mute ventriloquist, the magician Maiella and assistant, and many more. 


ALL´INCIRCO Varietà makes you laugh and dream, with your head, heart and stomach.  The show will entertain everyone from 0-100, at any time of day or night, before or after meals.

Warning: After watching the show, there have been people who have died of laughter, who have fallen in love, who have found work, who have cured all ailments, even who found a package full of dreams and still continues dreaming...

The company, formed by Domenico Lannutti: comedian, actor, magician, playwright, author, director and a Comedy Theatre teacher and Gaby Corbo, acrobat, actress and a Circus Theatre teacher. The union of their poetry and technique has created a unique style in the Italian art scene.

Friday, October 15th 20.30. Casa de La Cultura, Los Realejos, Tenerife.

Saturday, October 16th 18.00. La Recova, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Sunday, October 17th 12.00. Teatro Guiniguada. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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