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¡We are celebrating our 15th edition!

From the 4th to the 17th of October we will be filling the streets with humour and theatres with performances in Tenerife, Gran Canaria and La Gomera.

We continue growing and in this edition we have planned sixty performances from twenty-one international, national and local companies, to take place in dozens of Town Halls.

This year FIC Santa Cruz presents shows in the Centro de Arte La Recova, Teatro Guimerá and Teatro La Granja. 

Likewise we’re back in La Laguna with specific programs in El Teatro Leal as well as El Parque Tecnológico y Científico Las Mantecas.

​As a grand novelty this year we present FIC Adeje, with a specific program for the visitors in Tenerife South.  Three days of open-air clown shows, a diverse proposal, containing a great representation of the festival’s spirit.

We hope to put a smile on your face once again and that you thoroughly enjoy the festival.




FIC is a sample of humour and creativity from the Clown Arts, where the best, local, national and international artists, in their shows display the wide range of theatrical and circus art disciplines, that include the clown world (theatrical gesture, mime, music, magic, juggling and acrobatics).

The International Festival of Clownbaret (FIC) arrived in 2006 in response to a shortage of Clown Art acts in the Canarian scene, scarce in both theatres and festivals.

​In the Canarian scene of artistic festivals it’s ground-breaking, discovering a new, different type of culture in the Islands, encouraging Clown Art along with its theatrical, circus and cinematographic versions.

One of the festival’s milestones is, unfortunately the master, Carlo Colombaioni’s last performance​, known for collaborating with Federico Fellini in the film Clowns II.

​​In previous programs throughout the years, renown, national and international artists such as Jango Edwards, Umbilical Brothers, Avner el Excéntrico, Peter Shub, Carlo Colombaioni, Johnny Melville, Faemino y Cansado, Pepe Viyuela, Gardi Hutter, Rob Torres, Tortell Poltrona, Laura Herts, Aga-boom, Pepa Plana y Fraser Hooper have participated in the festival.