The Great Dimitri



Great Circus Show + Presenter FIC 2021

Dimitri arrives that same morning in his small caravan that transports his miniature circus.  He gets permission to act, sets up his scenery and arranges a time for the show to begin.  Everyone expects a troop of acrobats, jugglers, magicians… Instead, Dimitri appears.

A character that tries to make everyone believe that he is a grand artist, just like his grandfather.  With his dubious circus abilities he begins a diverse show, his acts explain why he is found in this situation.  He will tell us about his dreams, what he left behind in his own country, his family and, of course, will make us burst out laughing!

This company emerged in 2011 in Granada, founded by Antonio Jesús Gómez partly by coincidence and partly out of need.  From the beginning he focused on comedy, creating his own personal style that has defined his work ever since.  As well as his own shows he has also participated in other projects such as, “El Circo Mediterraneo” and “Ludos Circus Show” 

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Sunday, October 17th 13.00, La Recova, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Presenter Friday 15th, Saturday 16th,and Sunday 17th, La Recova.