The diabolo

The incredible artistic ability used with the diabolos combined with brilliant ideas and tons of original tricks create this show, performed in more than 35 (thirty-five) countries in Europe and around the world.

The interaction and games with the audience are the basis of this unique show, where Djuggledy surprises not only with use of his diabolos...Daring movements at breakneck speed.  A complete diabolo experience!

Jan Manske is DJuggledy, a skilled diabolo juggler with extraordinary style and a very sharp tongue.  He has been awarded the Pavé d’Or Prize  from the Festival de Artistes de rue in Vevey, Switzerland and named winner of the Certamen Intergalático in the Festiclown in Vigo.

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Saturday, October 9th.13.00. Parking Espacio La Granja. Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Saturday, October 9th. 19.00. Parking Espacio La Granja. Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Sunday, October 10th. de Octubre 12.00. Plaza CC Salytien. Las Américas