Cristina Solé

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Wet floor


The show is about to begin.  The festival has hired the company Wet Floor, with more than 30 (thirty) years of experience. A woman from the cleaning team is in charge of preparing the stage.  A job that is apparently easy, but will turn into an impossible mission ending up in disaster. 

Cristina Solé Freixa, acrobat and clown since 1999.  Co Founder of  the companies Circo Imperfecto and Los2play (“Comeback” and “Starfatal”).  She has also worked with Circus Klezmer, Rodó (National Circus Prize) and Ronaldo Circus.

In 2007 she created her first street solo act and founded CRIS:IS, her own company that she continues to tour with.

Cristina Sole presents her, much awaited first clown solo.
A hilarious comedy that will make you go nuts and collapse laughing!
In 2017 Cristina created “Wet Floor”, her first street solo, premiering in Fira Tarrega.  She founded CRIS-IS as her own company.


 In 2020 she created “Home”, her last show, directed by Leandre Ribera and produced by Leandre Clown Productions.  This show premiered in Fira Trapezi, Reus in May 2021.  Cristina has worked with the companies Circo Imperfecto, Los Excentricos and La Industria Teatrera.  Actually she collaborates with the company Ponte en Pie. 

Saturday, October 9th. 18.00. Plaza CC Salytien. Las Américas, Tenerife.

Sunday, October 10th 12.00. Plaza CC Salytien. Las Américas, Tenerife.

Tuesday, October 12th 18.00. Plaza de España. Adeje, Tenerife.

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