Thelmo Parole



The Show Must Go on

With his innocent and sometimes eccentric sense of humour and an absence of  self-consciousness, Thelmo Parole connects naturally and sincerely with the spectator without expectations.  

Capable of transforming his sophisticated but almost awkward appearance into a more athletic although scruffy, almost ridiculous one.  Inspired by the great classic clowns, from Grock to Buster Keaton, but transformed by the influence of modern times... 

Thelmo Parole’s naive perspective and enthusiastic nature creates a close and personal connection with the public, an intimate dialog, simple and subtle, without words.

The Show Must Go On is originally an idea by Samuel Penhastroi, result of a profound study and evolution during 15 (fifteen) years of artistic career, creating, directing and acting in many different projects.

An intense and delicate labour, focused on interacting with the audience, using disciplines such as, manipulating objects, pantomime, or improvisation, which Thelmo uses to improvise situations or games, making moments and projecting emotions, in the end achieving an emotional, dynamic and exciting show.

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Friday, October 8th 11.30. Teatro Chico. Santa Cruz de La Palma.

Friday, October 8th 20.00. Centro Cultural Andares. Villa de Mazo, La Palma.

Sábado 9 de Octubre 12.00. Plaza CC Salytien. Las Américas, Adeje, Tenerife