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Canary Islands



Baticlown isn’t just a clown (What a redundancy!), in this show Miguel Angel Batista honours one of his greatest passions: the world of clowns.

The actor connects constantly with his own truth, catching the attention of the audience, sharing his hopes, doubts and his problems using physical humour to do so.  His performances, ranging from the absurde to poetry he pleases both old and young.

Miguel Angel Batista or Baticlown is a founding member of the company Rey Mala, graduate of Dramatic Art from La Escuela de Actores de Canarias 2000-2004. 


He has taken clown art courses from masters such as Philippe Gaulier, Tom Greder, Jango Edwards, Johnny Melville, Virginia Imaz, Carlo Colombaioni, Hernán Gene, Alex Navarro, Peter Ercolano, amongst others.

October 9th, Saturday, 12.00. Espacio La Granja. Santa Cruz de Tenerife.