Alas Circo Teatro y Bambolea 




Each in their own way, while somewhat surprised by the presence of the audience, the Bambalas Sisters make an effort to demonstrate their abilities but their obsession to impress makes them fail time after time.

During their slip-ups they show talents that they themselves haven’t valued.  A trapeze swing will help prove that unity is strength and that on many occasions, we are so fixated with achieving goals that we don’t enjoy what happens meanwhile.  

Bambalas comes from the fusion of the companies Bambolea and Alas Circo (Madrid and Cordoba) in 2013, directed by Prisca and Txus (directors of their own companies), each with extensive careers in the general circus world, specializing in aerial stunts.  With the appearance of Marina de Chumichurri in 2014, the show grew and expanded its range of techniques, adding contortion and clown art to the mix.

More than 150 (a hundred and fifty) shows were performed in 6 (six) years, while touring the Iberian Peninsula and participating in international festivals in Puerto Rico (2015) and in Argentine Patagonia (2017).

Saturday, October 16th 13.00. La Recova. Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Sunday, October 17th 19.00. La Recova. Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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