Haiqiang Song & Isidro Silveira

Canary Islands


Mistyc Dragon

Mystic Dragon is a visual circus show, a fusion of traditional Chinese and Occidental juggling with a special Oriental style that will catch the audience’s attention from the first second. 

The lion from the north’s acrobatic dance, opens the show, followed by a variety of short, dynamic and technical performances with a touch of humour.  Different elements such as Chinese spears, diabolos OVNI (very rarely seen outside of China), juggling with led light clubs, balls and amazing balancing acts using ceramic vases.

Mystic Dragon ends with acrobatic jumps done through a hoop that’s on fire and with knives.

Friday, October 8th 20.00. Centro Cultural Andares. Villa de Mazo, La Palma.

Saturday, October 9th, 18.00, Parking Espacio La Granja. Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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