Canary Islands

Bewilderment (La vie en rose)

Desconcierto (La vie en rose) is an international play, for all languages, that combines music, comedy and poetry that binds us to the comedians from silent films.  


Two musicians are thrown out of their band just before starting their concert.  United by destiny, they find themselves and all their belongings out on the street.

With nostalgia, pessimism and hopeful anticipation they confront this new adventure, hoping to get by in this unpredictable world.

Since 2004 Clownbaret has developed a unique style in comedy and clown art, performing in more than 25 (twenty-five) festivals all over the world, and in events in all 17 (seventeen) Spanish autonomous communities.

Clownbaret uses humour and involves the spectators creating thrills and astounding their audiences in each of their performances.  The company has participated in a variety of festivals, such as, Festival Rodará in Puebla, Mexico and Festival Internacional de Pallasas in Andorra.  They have also cooperated with Payasos Sin Fronteras in refugee camps in Sahara and in Lebanon, from 2009 they have been participating in the Unity Festival in Wales, an all inclusive festival that work with people with functional diversity.  Experiences full of humanity, that, in the end, is what a good clown should transmit on stage. 

Friday October 8th 20.30. Espacio La Granja. Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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