Carlos Adriano

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Fun Magic

Carlos Adriano’s shows are a metaphor of the marvellous circus world, regaining the idea of the ringmaster that addresses the audience from the center of the ring, the audience, bewildered, watching him, anxious for more surprises, more laughs and more fun.

Carlos Adriano is the ringmaster of this circus, but is also the magician, clown, showman and tamer of the audience.

When Adriano takes the stage, he creates an outrageous and entertaining atmosphere that invites the audience to become the stars of the show, therefore making each performance unique and unrepeatable.  An explosive combination of clown, magic, music, improvisation and comedy that transportes the audience to an insane world where anything is possible.

Carlos Adriano, Argentinian living in Madrid, is an outrageous magician and clown, he specializes in fun magic.  Eccentric, unique and surprising, this singular character offers an ingenious and well-balanced combination of magic and comedy, award-winner in Argentina, Spain and Italy.

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Friday October 8th. 18.00. Plaza de La Constitución. Vallehermoso, La Gomera.

Saturday, October 9th. 13.00. Plaza CC Salytien. Las Américas, Tenerife.

Saturday, October 9th. 19.00. CIFP César Manrique. Ofra, Tenerife.